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Interactive PowerPoint Videos

Creative Studio 7 "videos" that focus on a single topic.

Step by step instructions with several examples of the designing process and the finished quilts.

Each jump-drive includes:
  • A PowerPoint presentation with multiple embedded videos of 5-15 minutes each in length
  • CS7 projects with patterns to practice the concepts 
  • Each project contains SEVERAL patterns you can save and use on your quilts
  • A printable handout to use as a hardcopy summary at the machine.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer you may need “Power Point Online” to open the “Power Point’ and play the video.

  • Power Point Online is a free down load and can be found here:  

NOTE:  As we update our videos we are going to a fully video based program segmented into single concepts.  Not all videos are specific to Gammill or Statler.  Those that are Statler focused have exercises for you to practice the steps covered.  Videos have before and after photos to highlight the techniqures being presented. 

Because of the size of the video files, we will send you a link to a file on our server.  Please download the file within a day or two.  Be aware: The link to the file will be closed after 1 week (7 days).  Due to the size of most files the download time may be 5-10 minutes.  Please be patient.

Video Classes

Downloadable Video Classes

USB Video Classes (Mailed jump drive)