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Jan 12
3-Day Intensive Studio Workshop
Jan 13
3-Day Intensive Studio Workshop


One of the greatest stumbling blocks a quilter can face is "What should I quilt on this top?" Follow along as Page demonstrates her own process of the Who, What Why Where and How, of quilting design layout.

Bring a quilt and use a machine for the day. We will help you decide how to design and plan your quilting process to maximize the custom look of your quilt. Step by step you will have assistance in setting up and executing a quilting plan.

Many designs build into Elevate work very well for most of the quilts that you will be quilting. However, sometimes you want something different and you are not sure how to "adjust" a pattern available online. In this class we will work with you to use Creative Studios 7 to edit patterns available for purchase so they fit the process built into the Elevate.