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Echoes and Fills Video


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This video class is send to you as a memory thumb drive to be played on your computer.  The presentation does use Microsoft PowerPoint with imbedded video clips.  In addition to the video presentation files are included for hands-on exercises in Creative Studio 7.  Allow 7 day for delivery.

Give the eye a place to rest, between appliqué, embroidery and the background

Provides uniformity over a quilt

Allow the echoed object to have more of a presence

Can be a design in themselves (Hawaiian Quilting)

Turn an echo into a boundary for a fill. Reduces the nooks and crannies that fill has to go around

Inside echo gives small areas “something“ that does not distract

Softens and provides the uniform look to misshaped pieces

Makes the echoed object appear larger

Allows hand embroidery to raise up