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Build a Boundary Blueprint of Your Quilt


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This video class is send to you as a memory thumb drive to be played on your computer.  The presentation does use Microsoft PowerPoint with imbedded video clips.  In addition to the video presentation files are included for hands-on exercises in Creative Studio 7.  Allow 7 day for delivery.

Custom quilting turns out better with a plan. Students will learn how to create a “to scale” blue print of a quilt and learn various ways to audition designs. With the help of SAM you can see how designs interact and be able to view the stitch density before loading the quilt on the Statler. Practice your quilting path virtually and cut down on machine time later. Boundary Blueprints will quickly become one of your most valuable computers quilting tools. USB class includes Power Point with Videos, Statler Project with patterns and several examples for you to work with.