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Services Available

Longarm Quilting For Hire 

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We have 5 computerized Statler quilting machines by Gammill.  Page Johnson oversees the quilting process from design selection to pattern layout and finishing.  With thousands of computerized quilting designs and hundreds of thread colors to choose from we can create a custom look for your special quilts at a very affordable cost to you.  Typically an overall design quilting pattern is completed in less than 30 days starting at $28.00 per square yard.   That means a lap quilt is less than $100 including batting and thread while a large king sized quilt will cost about $250.  


Finishing Services 

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We offer 10,000+ different quilting designs to meet your needs,  With 9-10 battings available, from basic polyester to 100% wool or even black 80/20, you will find the batting you need in the right amount.  Over 400 thread colors ensures that we will have the right one for your quilt.  We can finish your binding from basic machine applied to high end hand turned, with or without piping.

Quilting to "Save" or Restore" vintage quilt tops often requires repairs and adjustments to older quilts.  Not everything is perfect but we find that rejuvinating the lost family heirlooms can be a special event.



Longarm Classes, Rentals and Retreats

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Learning to use a longarm quilting machine is fun, challenging and rewarding once you get past how big it is.  The steps to a successful quilting experience are specific and detailed.  Come spend time with us and learn more than just the basic, learn how to be an accomplished quilter.  Classes are hands on and taught one-on-one.  Your quilt is on the frame and you are completing the quilting proess.  All Classes and Rentals are considered a learning experience and are designed to reinforce skills learned from session to session.

Our retreats are a combination of a Statler Stand Alone Computer class with demonstrations and multiple hands on exercises.  These sessions are intended for quilters who own a Gammill Statler machine or rent one on a regular basis.  The content is applies to intermediate and advanced Statler users (Note:  Beginner or new Statler users will have significant difficulty in this 3 day class).  

Items we sell  

We do not sell products online.

Backing Fabric 108 - 120 inches wide
1 yard of wide backing is equal to 2.5 to 2.75 yards of a 45 wide

We are happy to have our customers coming back into the Studio
to select their backing fabrics. Currently, w
e offer over 250 different fabrics to choose from for your quilting project.  Generally, we try to have a variety of shades and textures within a colorway.  We do not have the space to carry novelty prints, Minky or flannels.

We stock backing fabrics (108" - 120" wide) from Moda, Benartex, Timeless Treasures, Anthology, Henery Glass, Windham, and Westrade.  The following are examples of wide backing fabrics we have had in inventory. 

We carry a wide varity of notions based on the items we use in the studio.  If you need thread snips, machine oil pens, Invisible Thread, yellow headed quiltig pins, a Towa gauge or a 120" tape measure we prorbably have it in stock.  When we find a new gadget that we thinks works in the longarm workspace we try to add it to our inventory. 

If you see a new item that you think would be good for us to carry, olease send us a note so we can check into the availability of it.
Glide Thread by FilTec

The Glide thread is great for quilting.  Rich colors in a wide variety of tones and hues will complement any quilt top.  This thread is also perfect for machine embroidery.  Small cones are 1000 M and the large cones are 5000 M.  We carry every color that Glide sells,

So Fine! Thread by Superior

So Fine! is a lint-free, matte-finish, smooth 50 wt. 3 filament polyester thread.  Each Cone has 3,280 yards.   Due to its fine nature, So Fine! is an excellent blending thread and loved by both longarm and home machine quilters. Available in 134 colors, So Fine! also makes a wonderful bobbin thread.
Glide Thread by FilTec

USB Videos

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We have had several requests to bring the videos back.  All videos are based on CS7 and focus on a single topic with examples of different ways to use the technique..

Step by step instructions with several examples of the designing process and the finished quilts.

Each jump-drive includes:
  • A PowerPoint presentation with multiple embedded videos of 5-15 minutes each in length
  • CS7 projects with patterns to practice the concepts 
  • Each project contains SEVERAL patterns you can save and use on your quilts
  • A printable handout to use as a hardcopy summary at the machine.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer you may need “Power Point Online” to open the “Power Point’ and play the video.

  • Power Point Online is a free down load and can be found here:  

NOTE:  As we update our videos we are going to a fully video based program segmented into single concepts.  Not all videos are specific to Gammill or Statler.  Those that are Statler focused have exercises for you to practice the steps covered.  Videos have before and after photos to highlight the techniques being presented. 

 The videos are loaded on to a USB drive and mailed to you.  Allow 1 week for general mail delivery.  Please be patient.