Machine Quilting Services

A full spectrum of services are available to meet your needs.

  • Overall or Edge-to-Edge designs from a simple all-over meander to themed motifs

    • Turnaround time is 30 days or less
  • Semi-Custom offers a custom looking motif within separate piecing sections

    • Turnaround time is 60-90 days
  • Custom quilting with Background fills to enhance your piecing and applique

    • Turnaround time is 12-15 months
  • Original designs to complement your needlework

  • Quilt Show quality quilting for that truly special quilt top
    • Turnaround time is 18-24 months

  • We offer 10 different batts including poly, 80/20, cotton and wool.  Plus we have thousands of thread choices from simple cottons to high sheen trilobal polyesters and fine silk thread for specialty thread-work.

  • We stock 190+ bolts of wide backing fabrics.   



    Overall or Edge-to-Edge quilting, fast turn-around in 1 month or less

    Starting at $26.00 a square yard includes batting and thread


    Binding Service available as well $.15 to $.30 per linear inch


    Basic cost estimate:

    Length of Quilt in inches  ____________
    Width of Quilt in inches   ____________
    Quilt Size (Length x Width)  _________
    Calculate Square Yards  ____________
    (Divide by 1296)
    Cost Estimate $26 x Sq Yds __________
  • Examples: Overall  Design

For a Lap size quilt 54x72 = $78.00 + tax

For a Twin size quilt 54x90 = $97.50 + tax 

For a Queen size quilt 90x108 = $195.00 + tax

For a King size quilt 108x108 = $234.00 + tax

Semi-Custom quilting typically runs from $38.00 to $52.00 a square yard

Background fill quilting is approximately $52.00 to $72.00 a square yard

High End Custom with Original designs developed for your quilt will run over $75.00 a square yard

Quilt Show level quilts are accepted and charges are estimated when received

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