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 Starting a new normal.
We are opening the studio for walk-ins and regular drop-off and pick-up procedures.  

If necessary in the future, due to increasing infection rates, we will return to the drop-off process of using the bin by the door.
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Machine Quilting Services

We have 5 computerized Statler quilting machines by Gammill.  Page Johnson oversees the quilting process from design selection to pattern layout and finishing.  With thousands of computerized quilting designs and hundreds of thread colors to choose from we can create a custom look for your special quilts at a very affordable cost to you.  Typically an overall design quilting pattern is completed in less than 30 days starting at $28.00 per square yard.  That means a lap quilt is less than $100 including batting and thread while a large king sized quilt will cost about $250.

The majority of quilts look great with a well chosen overall design.  Sometimes the quilt needs something more.  Semi custom designs such as Page Turners, specialty placement of blocks and sashing have a longer turnaround time (60-90 days) and price point.  Due to the time that the quilt is on the frame and dedicated staff time to manage the quilting process the price point also increases to $40-$60 a square yard depending on the complexity of the work to be completed.  

In general, custom design work is not the preferred quilting choice.  The cost quickly reaches $70-$90 a square yard and has a turnaround time of 1-2 years.  High-end show quilts are 2 plus years out based on the quilts already in the queue and the length of time that a show quilt is on the frame (typically 4-8 weeks).

The Quilting Page also offers machine rentals at $25 per hour for trained customers.  We have a required four-hour initial class using Page’s techniques to achieve a beautiful straight, square, non-cookie cutter quilt.  You will complete a small quilt of your own or a Quilt of Valor we have during the class.  The cost of the class is $150.00.  More information on the Longarm Machine Rentals is available just Click Here.

At this time we are not hosting any machine rental time.

A full spectrum of services are available to meet your needs.

  • Overall or Edge-to-Edge designs from a simple all-over meander to themed motifs

    • Turnaround time is 30 days or less
  • Semi-Custom offers a custom looking motif within separate piecing sections

    • Turnaround time is 60-90 days
  • Custom quilting with Background fills to enhance your piecing and applique

    • Turnaround time is 15-18 months
  • Original designs to complement your needlework

  • Quilt Show quality quilting for that truly special quilt top
    • Turnaround time is 24-30 months

  • We offer 9 different batts including poly, 80/20, cotton and wool.  Plus we have thousands of thread choices from simple cottons to high sheen trilobal polyesters and fine silk thread for specialty thread-work.

  • We stock 300+ bolts of wide backing fabrics.   


    Overall or Edge-to-Edge quilting, fast turn-around in 1 month or less.

    Starting at $28.00 a square yard includes batting and thread. 

    Binding Service available as well $.15 to $.33 per linear inch.
Quilting Cost Estimator
Step 1: Enter the Width and Height

Examples: Overall  Design

For a Lap size quilt 54x72 = $84.00 + tax

For a Twin size quilt 54x90 = $105.00 + tax 

For a Queen size quilt 90x108 = $210.00+ tax

For a King size quilt 108x108 = $252.00 + tax

Semi-Custom quilting typically runs from $38.00 to $52.00 a square yard

Background fill quilting is approximately $52.00 to $72.00 a square yard

High End Custom with Original designs developed for your quilt will run over $75.00 a square yard

Quilt Show level quilts are accepted and charges are estimated when received


Backing Fabric

The guidelines for the backing fabric for longarm quilting are: 

  • The backing needs to be at least 4 inches larger all the way around the quilt (or 8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top)
  • We prefer to load the back using the selvage edges along the rollers
    • Do not cut off the selvages along the outer edge of the backing - they help keep the back square during the loading process
    • Unless the quilting motif is a directional design where the top has to be at the top of the machine AND the quilt top or back have to match the top, we load the backing using the selvages which may or may not match the top of a printed fabric design
  • We prefer any backing seams to run parallel (the same direction) to the selvages
    • Sew the seams at 1/2 + inch and then trim off the tightly woven selvages leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance
  • Do NOT press the backing seams open - press to one sideOften pieced backs have multiple seams going in a variety of directions
    • When pressed open (like what you would do for Hand Quilting) there is only the thread holding one side of the backing to the other side
    • If you press the seam and seam allowance to one side, then the longarm quilting will stitch through all layers of the fabric and hold the two sides of the backing together with greater security
    • In this case just try to have the majority of seams, or any particularly long seams, run parallel to the selvages

Another option is to purchase the wide backing fabric that is 108" wide.  Right now we have 300+ different wide backs in stock for you to select from.  We do sell the wide backing fabric by the inch to meet your needs.  Keep in mind that 1 yard of 108 wide fabric is about 2 1/2 yards of the traditional bolt fabric (at roughly $17-18.00 per yard it is a great deal).  Often customers will buy their backing fabric before completing their quilt so they can incorporate some of the fabric in the top either in the blocks or as the border.
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