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Class - Overall Quilting Design in Elevate

Overall Quilting Design in Elevate

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Many designs build into Elevate work very well for most of the quilts that you will be quilting.  However, sometimes you want something different and you are not sure how to "adjust" a pattern available online.  In this class we will work with you to use Creative Studios 7 to edit patterns available for purchase so they fit the process built into the Elevate.

Bring a laptop with CS7 installed and we will walk through step-by-step:
  • How to purchase and download a pattern online
  • How to import the pattern into CS7
  • How to edit the pattern to fit and nest edge to edge
  • How to upload the pattern into the Cloud Account
  • How to sync the Cloud Account with your Elevate tablet
  • How to stitch out the pattern on the quilt
We will demonstrate how to use deeply nested patterns such as Vanilla Cream by Anne Bright, using CS7 to define a top row, middle rows and bottom row using the Fill Function so you do not stitch half a row on empty backing fabric. We will also demonstrate how to plan your rows to merge 2 rows as a single over and back pass when scaled to fit the machine bed.  A demo quilt will be stitching out during the class showing the each step in the process.

This is not a machine hands-on class but having your own laptop available is recommended.  The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.


Class - Overall Quilting Design in Elevate