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Class - Design Dilemna (The 5 W's)

One of the greatest stumbling blocks a quilter can face is "What should I quilt on this top?"  Follow along as Page demonstrates her own process of  the Who, What Why Where and How, of quilting design layout.  Students should bring 1 or 2 unquilted tops to class. Page will discuss several design elements for each top including, thread and batting options, motif choices and design placement, stitch density and travel paths,  overall unification and the directional eye movement effect. As time permits the quilt tops will have designs drawn out as well as suggestions for the actual stitching process. 

(All machine quilting, domestic and frame)

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 


Class - Design Dilemna (The 5 W's)