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Challenge and Contest Entries
2022 2-Block Quilt Challenge 
The Quilting Page Challenge for 2022 is a 2-Block quilt of your choice. Make it simple or more intricate.

Where to find your inspirations:

  • Glad Creations has several quilts that are 2-Block patterns you might want to consider. Below are photos of some of their quilts where I have highlighted the outlines of the 2 different blocks.
  • Search Pinterest and Google for “two block quilt patterns”.
  • If you are on Pinterest, do a search for Dee Legvold - one of my boards is all 2-block quilts.
  • Bonnie Hunter’s has a number of 2-Block quilt patterns.
  • has a useful web page by Fons and Porter on designing a 2-Block quilt.
  • Electric Quilt, or other quilt software, will have numerous patterns that you can “play” with to create an original design

If you have other helpful design options, please let us know so we can pass it along to others.


2-Block quilts allow us to complement your piecing with a semi-custom quilting design. If you have us do the specialty quilting on a challenge entered quilt, you will get 22% off the quilting cost (not the total cost) for that quilt.


All quilt patterns need to be entered by February 15 and completed (with binding) by December 19, 2022. Photos of the pattern can be submitted for entry to or  Likewise, photos of your completed project can be sent to the same email addresses.


If you have the quilting completed by The Quilting Page you will get 15% off an overall design quilting cost (not the total cost) for the first 2 quilts you bring in for this challenge. You can submit as many quilts as you like for the challenge but the discount will apply to the first two quilts brought in.


The year end award of $222.00 for any products or services we offer will be selected in the last week of the year.

Faceted Jewels by Glad Creations
Quilted Gems by Glad Creations
  Bear Tracks by Glad Creations         Circle of Lights by Glad Creations
  Photo found on Pinterest   Photo found on Pinterest
2022 Quilt Challenge Entries

SK 1
SK 2

SK 3
SK 4

SK 5 & 6
SK 7

SK 8
SK 9

SK 10
SK2 1
DL 1  ALL DL quilts are entered but do not qualify for the contest (she is an employee).
These are different examples of simple 2 block scarppy quilts.  Anything to use up stash.
DL 2
DL 3
DL 4
DL 5
DL 6
DL 7
KB 1
RS 1

RS 2
RS 3
KW 1
NC 1

NC 2

KB 2
MR 1
MR 2
CW 1
TM 1
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