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Challenge and Contest Entries
2023 TQP Quilt Challenge - Anything Log Cabin 


Submit a photo of your quilt “pattern”, your original design or a purchased pattern.  Complete the quilt (with quilting and binding) by December 31st and submit a photo of the final project. IF we quilt it at The Quilting Page you will get 20% off the quilting fee (not the total amount). TQP quilting is not required for the Challenge.  At the end of the year, we will randomly pick a winner for the $223 prize of your choice of our goods and services.  

Submit as many designs as you want to make for the year end prize, the quilting service discount applies to the first two quilts quilted.

The following slideshow has details and suggestions:

2022 2-Block Quilt Challenge 

The winning quilt of the draw was Susan Kiester's third quilt completed

The Quilting Page
Challenge for 2022 is a 2-Block quilt of your choice. 

The year end award of $222.00 for any products or services we offer will be selected in the last week of the year.

2022 Quilt Challenge Entries
 Not all of the photos are in yet.
Here are the quilts that we know were completed.

SK 2

SK 3
SK 7

SK 8

SK 9

SK 10

KW 1
KW 2

TM 1
CW 1   Need final photo
DL 1   The following quilts were submitted but not completed.  These will be beautiful quilts when they are finished.

SK 1
SK 4

SK 5 & 6
SK2 1
DL 3
DL 4
DL 5
DL 6
DL 7

RS 1

RS 2
NC 1

NC 2

KB 2
MR 1
MR 2
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