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Come visit us to talk about the options available for a grand adventure in quilting.  We can help you with the purchasing process, replacement parts, education and training.

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Featured Customer Quilts

This delightful little lone star (31 by  31) is a simple but stately wall hanging. 

We used Vanilla Cream by Anne Bright that we scaled waaaaay down to be the appropriate size for the quilt.  The denser quilting also helps provide body for this piece as a wall hanging.

Featured Longarm Rental Quilt



This was her second time in as a Machine Renter.  The stars do a nice job of moving your eye around the quilt.  She was in and done in 3 hours.

  The design is Vanilla Cream by Anne Bright.  We kept the pattern open and it just swirls around the stars. 

We do have classes for Statler, Free Hand and Elevate longarmers.  When you are looking for new quilting ideas we have a variety of options and skill builders for you.

Longarm Rental - either Statler based or Elevate/Freehand

Keep us in mind when you plan to complete your quilt.  We offer a longarm class to get you started.and on the road to successfully completing your quilt from start to finish.  Rental time is available on our computerized Statler longarm machine and you will know that there will always be someone here to work with you if you have a question or problem.

Call 651-214-4545 to schedule time to complete your quilt.
We Heard You ... OR ... Did You Know?                             Top
Over the last month we have conducted three different Intensive Hands-On classes in the studio.  Each class consisted of 4 participants from around the country (Missouri to Arizona to Oregon).  For 3 days they were in the studio working on projects from 8 am until 5 pm... or as late as they could handle.  Although Page had an outline of what she wanted to cover, each class was tailored to the needs and skill level of the participants.    They started with drawing the "blueprint" of a quilt block and selecting quilting designs that fit or maybe didn't. This is an exercise in how the quilting design fits the quilt pattern.  Time is spent on their quilts to set borders, stitch in the ditch, concatenating designs, using Page Turners or like the Drunkard's Path shown above using a Custom Overall design on a complicated pattern.  In three days the participants cover a lot of concepts, tools, and designs.

Watch the list of In-Studio Classes for the next available series of Intensive Hands-On events.  If you would like to be on a mailing list for when we offer these sessions again (Starting in January 2019) please send us an email so we can keep you up to date at: 
Upcoming In Studio Classes

Our In-Studio classes are set up to run from 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch.  Typically the morning is spent in a presentation style and the afternoon is spent in a hands on practice quilt.  We often use Quilts of Valor for our demo quilts, or you can bring a small quilt for practice purposes.

We are located just off 35E and Cliff Road in Eagan about 10 miles south of the airport and the Mall of America.  We have 4 Gammill machines all running on Statler for workshops and demos and a Gammill Elevate that can be use for task specific classes.  There are multiple restaurants and hotels within walking distance.  In addition, we have both a full service quilt shop across the road plus a boutique shop that features quilts and kits next door.


Design Dilemma (The 5 W's) 

Saturday, August 18th (9 am to 4 pm)

One of the greatest stumbling blocks a quilter can face is "What should I quilt on this top? Follow along as Page demonstrates her own process of  the Who, What Why Where and How, of quilting design layout.  Students should bring 1 or 2 unquilted tops to class. Page will discuss several design elements for each top including, thread and batting options, motif choices and design placement, stitch density and travel paths,  overall unification and the directional eye movement effect. As time permits the quilt tops will have designs drawn out as well as suggestions for the actual stitching process. 

(All machine quilting, domestic and frame)

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 


Free hand Background Fill

Saturday September 22nd (9 am to 4 pm)

Background fills  can be the foundation of custom quilting, creating texture and adding movement to flat areas, setting off appliqués, feathers, or adding unity to pieced blocks in sampler quilts.  Fills can start out small and grow to become  a freehand Edge to Edge. In this class Page will show you how to use fills to fit the mood of your quilt. She will provide you with inspiration, along with easy to follow guidelines and techniques that show you how to begin, where to go next and how to avoid the tough spots. Many different designs will be covered, there will even be a few surprise uses for tools old and new. A PowerPoint will showcase examples of how fills are used on actual quilts. Students should bring a pad and paper for notes and Sketching. 

(Demo with Power point) (techniques apply to all machine types)
The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 

Creative Studios Design Class

Saturday, October 6th (9 am to 4 pm)
Have you ever wanted the quilting design to fit together just a little better?  Or did you want to remove the rose and insert a daffodil instead?  Or how about designing a whole block from scratch.  With CS7 you can do all of these things and more.  The Draw function plus nodes plus the different handles make designing for the Statler and the Elevate systems doable.  Yes you can design for the Elevate in CS7 and import it via the Pattern Cloud directly into the Elevate.  This class is designed to take you from simple edits in an existing pattern through major changes to a pattern and on into custom designing for individual quilts.  Design borders and corners to fit a block motif you are using in the quilt. Learn how to design it, test it for stitchability and critique it for actual use.

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 

Holiday Gift Ideas Open House

SUNDAY October 28th (10 am to 4 pm)

Do you need a couple of ideas for quick holiday gifts?  October is a good time to start planning for this year’s holiday season.  We are having an Open House from 10 am  until 4 pm pm Sunday, October 28th with ideas you can do on a longarm or a table top machine.

We will have:

  • Machines running with samples
  • How to Demos
  • Handouts with directions
  • Door Prizes
  • Cookies and Hot Apple Cider

Come see what you can do!


Three Day Intensive Workshop

Friday November 2nd through Sunday November 4,2018  OR
Friday January 11th through January 13th, 2019

This is an “Intense Total Immersion Hands-On” experience.  Prepare to be challenged and surprised about how much you can learn in such a short time. We will be working with Creative Studio 7.

Page has a wonderful storefront studio which includes 4 Statlers and 1 Vision (Free Hand). You are invited to learn from Page’s vast list of topics in a 3 day; hands on workshop tailored to what you want to learn. Reserve your spot early. The workshop is limited to 4 people ensure you get the most out of it. Each student will have their own machine and work on their own quilts.

Space is very limited so do not wait.  Another intensive workshop is scheduled for January 11-13, 2019.  The cost for this class/workshop is $500.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.  If you would like to be on the waiting list for future classes, email us at and we will notify you as soon as we have dates scheduled.


Borders and Corners -

Saturday November 10th (9 am to 4 pm)

Borders can make the quilting “Sing or Sting.” Learn multiple ways to turn the corner of a border on a quilt with or without turning the quilt top. Border Corner, Triangle Borders, Butted Borders, and Piano Key. Uneven and wavy borders are a snap when you know how to cope with them.

Seventy Five dollars ($75) for a full-day class.  In the morning you will have instructions and CS7 exercises.  In the afternoon you will continue to work in CS7 and have stitch out time on real quilts.

You can register for the by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.


Beyond the Basics - Using Repeat Pattern

SUNDAY December 2nd (9 am to 4 pm)

Most quilts are happy with Edge-to-Edge but sometimes you want something a little more special.  Free motion is great, but maybe an intense custom design is not what you are ready for.  This class will show you how to use the Statler system to design a semi-custom quilt that will stitch out row-by-row.  Design selection and placement on the quilt can create the impression of very complex custom quilting with the advantage of the computer aided stitching.  Save yourself time, get the quilt completed and look like a custom quilting hero.

The quilt in the photo was done with a repeat pattern through the Statler Stitcher

Featured Tip for Quilters                                                          Top

Access to earlier Tips & Tricks - Click Here
Thread Cutter
A trick that we use for our thread stands is to remove the three metal "wings" that are attached to the thread spindle and then place an old CD on the spindle.  That allows the spools of thread to sit flat on the CD and keeps the thread from puddling around the base of the spindle.

  A trick that we use for our thread stands is to remove the three metal "wings" that are attached to the thread spindle and then place an old CD on the spindle.  That allows the spools of thread to sit flat on the CD and keeps the thread from puddling around the base of the spindle.
The other thing that we do is to place a thread cutter on the side of the machine body close to where the spool of thread is placed.  This makes it very easy to cut your threads without having to hunt down a pair of scissors.  They have the cutting edge protected so they are safe for your fingers and there is no magnet so it is safe for your machine.

These "Line Cutterz" come with an adhesive back to stick right on the machine.  We have seen them available through Brewers - but they are backordered a lot, I bought the crystal-gemmed version at the Paducah show and we found an online source of "Line Cutterz" used for fly fishing lures.  We have some in the studio for sale.

Featured Quilt Motif & Mini Video                                             Top
  Drunkard's Path is a very old and traditional design that has a lot of applications in modern quilts. The combination of the two shapes is simple but the different rotations and placements gives you a multitude of different design options.  Often the quilt was done in just two fabrics further lending to the simplicity of design.  Today we frequently see this traditional design done in multiple sizes within a single quilt, a wide variety of fabrics used, and/or the sophistication of batiks enhancing the designs.

Drunkard's Starburst is a fun quilting motif that fits the pie section with overlapping curved lines.  The outer "setting" square has a starburst design of straight lines.  If your Drunkard's Path is a layout with each block being in the same orientation, then you can use a simple repeat pattern or point to point clicking path.  If the quilt uses a variety of rotations for each block, you may want to play with a concatenating design or placement of each block and then rotating or flipping of the pattern to fit the block.

This is a great pattern to tinker with and fine tune your skills with concatenating designs.

Watch for a video to be added in the next day or two.
Click on the videos to watch some useful tips on where and when this design works. The full educational video Page Turner is available on the Videos webpage.
Video on Portland Page Turner
Featured Video

Page has created a mini video on how use the Drunkard's Starburst pattern
Video on How to Use the Drunkard's Starburst Pattern
Featured Video

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