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Come visit us to talk about the options available for a grand adventure in quilting.  We can help you with the purchasing process, replacement parts, education and training.

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Featured Paducah Pictures

It was sooooooo exciting.  Four Flew Round the Cuckoo's Nest took Second Place in the AQS Spring Paducah show last week.  It was a real delight to attend the awards ceremony and see all of the fabulous quilts.  Many of the award winners were present for the ceremony and the show.  Walking around to all of the quilts and vendors took us 2 full days and we still missed some of it

We knew that the quilt Under the Big Top was used for the banner at all of the AQS shows this year.  They had asked us to bring the quilt for the Book Signing of the AQS Engagement Calendar 2019 so we went looking for the banner to stand in front of.  People kept saying "That looks just like the banner".  We had so much fun talking with people about the quilt and the calendar.

All in all, it was a great Paducah show for The Quilting Page.

Featured Longarm Class Project                                            Top



The customer came in for a full day hands-on class on using the cascade design on a quilt with clear light/dark or distinct areas.  Over the past couple of weeks she worked on the log cabin quilt and then put this great cascade design on it.

  The daisies dance around in the light background area while the feathers roll into the darker area created by the 30's fabrics.  A one day class for Statler longarmers and there she goes, completing a cascade design on a really cute quilt.

Think about taking a class and improving your skills.  There are so many things you can do and creative ideas for what could be an ordinary quilt.
We do have classes for Statler, Free Hand and Elevate longarmers.  When you are looking for new quilting ideas we have a variety of options and skill builders for you.

Longarm Rental - either Statler based or Elevate/Freehand

Keep us in mind when you plan to complete your quilt.  We offer a longarm class to get you started.and on the road to successfully completing your quilt from start to finish.  Rental time is available on our computerized Statler longarm machine and you will know that there will always be someone here to work with you if you have a question or problem.

Call 651-214-4545 to schedule time to complete your quilt.
We Heard You ... OR ... Did You Know?                             Top

We have a NEW Gammill Longarm in the Studio

We now have a Gammill Vision 2.0 with the Elevate tablet computer.  The Elevate provides a computerized stitch regulator to complete your quilting projects in a simplified format.  Easy access to blocks, Edge-to-Edge and border patterns are built into the Elevate system. The design options of the Creative Studios program used on the Statler stitchers are available for use on any PC based computer and can be transferred to the Elevate via a Cloud file storage system.

We have been running different quilts on this machine to learn the "ins and outs" of what we can do with it.  Starting with a couple of built-in Edge-to-Edge designs we have moved on to pulling in patterns that we use on the Statler machines.  Next on our list is to work with the Blocks/Sashing/Borders so many customers want for their "quilt as desired" projects.

As with any "new toy" there are exciting moments of explorations followed by the "I didn't know it would do that!"  With practice we think this is going to be a real addition to the studio.  We plan to include this machine in the rental option for customers wanting to work on their free-motion quilting or Block/Sashing/Border designs.

Upcoming In Studio Classes

Test Drive a Gammill Longarm Machine
Now offering classes in the studio - Presentation format and hands on Workshop available
Check out upcoming classes on the Classes and Workshops page.

In April and June we will be having a Gammill Open House where you can ask all of your questions, do a test drive and evaluate the options.  Call ahead to reserve a time for you and a companion to explore the opportunities.

Get Your Hands on a Gammill… Longarm That Is

Saturday April 14th morning or afternoon (9 am or 1 pm)
Saturday June 3rd  morning or afternoon (9 am or 1 pm)

Call to schedule a two-hour individual guided tour of the capabilities and features of the different Gammill Longarm machines. We will walk you through the options, provide you with a planned demo and give you time to run the machine yourself. This is a great opportunity to ask your questions and get detailed information.


Twenty dollars ($20) reserves a space for you and another person for this “test drive”. You can register for the by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.



Concatenated Draw Pattern Class

Saturday May 5th (9 am to 4 pm)

Point to Point patterns have always been used in borders and pieced blocks. Now with the addition of Concatenating, P2P can be so much more. Let Page show you how to use P2P to fill borders, sashing and the backgrounds of many popular pieced blocks with a different design in each space. This class will provide you with inspiration, along with easy-to-follow guidelines and techniques to use P2P designs. A PowerPoint will showcase examples of how P2P designs are used.

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 


Quilt Finishing Class

Sunday May 6th (9 am to 4 pm)

Tips and tricks on the Finishing Touches that make so much difference in how your quilt looks.  How to attach smooth flat or pieced borders.  Bindings that accent your quilt - straight of grain or bias cut - when and why.  How to deal with scalloped binding or faced bindings.  Adding binding decorations; piping, flange and ric rac.

This is a hands on class.  Plan to bring a pre-quilted piece of fabric measuring 18 by 24 or larger for practice.

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 


Follow That Line - Playing with Apply

Saturday June 30th (9 am to 4 pm)

Follow Page as she explores the Apply feature. The possibilities are endless. This class will provide you with inspiration, along with easy-to-follow guidelines and techniques to use P2P designs. Many examples will be discussed along with a PowerPoint showing the process on actual quilts—not only the design process but the actual quilting (not every quilt is perfect). This is a great way to fit designs around circular piecing (think Jacueline De Jonge quilts).

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 


Fills and Trim Class

Saturday July 14  (9 am to 4 pm)

The Fill and Trim functions of CreativeStudio® have added a whole new aspect to computerized quilting. There are so many ways to use fills or trims; Edge to Edge, Repeat Patterns, around appliqué, odd shaped blocks, and stitch in the ditch borders, creating a layered look to add depth and dimension, plus many more. Imagine the possibilities and see for yourself what Fills can achieve. Learn the ins and outs, the difference between the two; what works and what should be avoided, and most importantly how to recover if you make a mistake.

The cost for this class/workshop is $75.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545. 


Featured Tip for Quilters                                                          Top

Access to earlier Tips & Tricks - Click Here
Pre-Wash or No?
This is an ongoing debate for many quilters.  Many of us have worked in quilt shops and fabric stores over the years and now we are seeing the quilts at the finishing stages and sometimes in a "I need some help" stage.

The dying and manufacturing of fabric has certainly come a long way in recent years.  Our fabric selection is limited only by our imagination ... somebody out there has what you are looking for.  From hand-dyed to batiks and printed fabrics, the quality and colors are amazing.

However, buyer be aware, we still have problems with fabric dyes bleeding and running, particularly with the reds, purples and deep blues.  A number of years ago Harriet Hargraves had  information cards regarding the testing of fabric for bleeding.  One of the items that caught my eye was that the fabric by itself may be very stable but when put next to another fabric, or left sitting in a wash machine after washing, may bleed into other fabrics that it comes into contact with.

Often quilters do not want to pre-wash their fabrics because the new finish makes it easier to cut and maintains the shape during the piecing process.  Pre-washing usually needs a good pressing with starch to get the wrinkles out and gives the fabric more body during construction.

Because cotton based quilting fabrics do shrink some, to a lot, when washed it is generally better to either pre-wash all fabrics or none of the fabrics.  When you pre-wash all of the fabrics (including the backing) you take most of the shrinkage out during that initial wash and drying cycle.  When you do not pre-wash any of the fabrics you will likely get a more consistent shrinkage across the quilt than when some have been washed and some have not. 

If you like and appreciate the soft puckery look of the washed quilt, do not pre-wash your fabrics.  If you prefer a smoother flatter look to the fabrics, even after washing, then pre-wash everything.  If you are working with all pastels, bleeding should not be an issue.  If you are working with a lot of medium to dark tones of hand-dyed fabrics, particularly when mixed with light backgrounds, pre-washing some test strips might be to your advantage.

It should be noted that many of us do have a lovely pink quilt that did start out as red & white.  Not what we planned but lovely just the same.

Featured Quilt Motif & Mini Video                                             Top
This is a quilt that we did a while back.  This is a combination of two different Page Turners run through alternating rows.  The two patterns complement each other and carry design elements into each area for a harmonious balance.
  The video will show you how Page was able to use the different design motifs to develop a balanced quilting design. The patterns are available in the Houston Pattern Set currently on sale.    
Click on the video to watch some useful tips on where and when this design works. This quilting motif is available as a download for immediate use on Statler machines.for the reduced cost of $5.00 for as long as this video is posted on the What's New page.  After that the pattern will be available through the Online Products page link to Digital Patterns.
Video on Houston Pattern Set
Featured Video
Video on Circle Array of Lines, Curves and Waves
Featured Video

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