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Come visit us to talk about the options available for a grand adventure in quilting.  We can help you with the purchasing process, replacement parts, education and training.

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Alice C made quilt a few years ago.  She offered it for the 2017 donations to Lincoln Place.  See the full story in the Did You Know section below   We started this quilt as a group project at a retreat in September of 2017 as a donation quilt.  This was one of 22 quilts that were donated to Lincoln Place.

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This was a beautiful Around the World design that a customer's mother made.  She quilted it for her as a Christmas gift.

    The customer selected a simple quilting motif that
Keep us in mind when you plan to complete your quilt.  We offer a longarm class to get you started.and on the road to successfully completing your quilt from start to finish.  Rental time is available on our computerized Statler longarm machine and you will know that there will always be someone here to work with you if you have a question or problem.

Call Mary at 651-272-6351 to schedule time to complete your quilt.
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Lincoln Place Donation Quilts
       At the end of 2017 we decided to donate quilts for each resident at the Lincoln Place shelter for young adults located in Eagan, Minnesota. When we contacted the residence we learned that there were 18 people living at Lincoln Place so we had a significant challenge in front of us.  The week before Christmas we had three quilts in progress and a very limited amount of time to meet our goal.  Emails went out to all of our quilting buddies and retreat participants asking them to look at their stash of completed quilts - we all have a couple of those "I thought it was a good idea but it really didn't work" quilts tucked away.

With the help of some friends we got the three quilts in progress assembled and quilted.  It created an opportunity to practice the machine applied binding on several quilts in a row.  Alice C came in to help piece blocks and brought an unfinished quilt top that we completed and added borders to before quilting.  In addition to the group project quilts seven people donated quilts from their completed treasure trove. 

On December 29th we delivered 22 quilts to "The Link" which is the home organization for Lincoln Place with a tax value in excess of $3,000 (supply cost only - time and labor can not be tax deducted). 

Collectively we have decided that this is a great donation point for us and if we plan in advance we can have all of the quilts ready a little earlier in the calendar.  We will continue to check with Lincoln Place over the course of the year to verify how many residents they have.

This is a worthy cause to focus on for quilts in your community.  Some of these young adults are kids aging out of the foster care system, adults that have moved out of the home and find themselves without a place to live, kids who have been on the street and are working to re-direct their lives.  It is easy to see that but for the grace of God that could have been me or one of my kids trying to start their lives independent of the family and with no resources.  Contact the United Way in your community or look online for homeless shelters focused on young adults - they will appreciate it.

Now offering classes in the studio - Presentation
format and hands on Workshop available
We are setting up a schedule for classes to be held here at the studio. Our plan is to offer a 3 hour presentation class the third Saturday of the month from 9 am - noon and the Thursday evening prior from 6-9 pm.  A hands on workshop, with planned projects and opportunities to design your own patterns, will be available from 1 - 4 pm Saturday afternoon. 

We are located just off 35E and Cliff Road in Eagan about 10 miles south of the airport and the Mall of America.  We have 4 Gammill machines all running on Statler for workshops and demos.  There are multiple restaurants and hotels within walking distance.  In addition, we have both a full service quilt shop across the road plus a boutique shop that features quilts and kits next door.
This class is postponed until February 10th & 11th

Saturday January 20th and Sunday January 21st

The first class is going to be an exception to the Thursday/Saturday plan.  The class will be a 2-day class on What's New in Creative Studios 7  on Saturday, February 10th, and Sunday, February 11th, from 9 am - 4 pm with and hour for lunch.  There are so many new features in this upgrade that will change the way you use the Statler program.  From the layout of the screen to the way you pull in stitching patterns there is a lot to learn.  This is a 2-day hands on class so you need to bring a laptop to work on.  Lunch will be provided both days.

The cost for this class is $200 for 2 days. You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.
Thursday February 15th and Saturday February 17th
In February we are scheduling a class on Page Turners. How to convert a Point-to-Point design into a “custom look” that will stitch continuously over and back as a single pass. Elements of the design are showcased in different areas of the quilt giving the “appearance” of separate patterns in the blocks and sashing.

The presentation will be 6-9 pm on Thursday February 15th, or Saturday February 17th 9-noon.  The hands-on workshop component will be from 1-4 pm.  This workshop is a great time to bring one or more quilts that can use a Page Turner technique adapted to your quilt.  You will create the "blueprint" of your quilt and adapt a pattern to fit it perfectly!

The cost for these classes are $50 for the presentation and $50 for the workshop session.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.   
Thursday March 8th and Saturday March 10th
The class in March will be Custom Overall. This “Semi-Custom” technique is a fast and easy way to achieve a custom look with less time and effort. Designs fall over an entire block, yet “Look Custom”by how stitching fits the piecing. Patterns stitch out continuously as an “Overall”.

The presentation will be 6-9 pm on Thursday March 8th, or Saturday March 10th 9-noon.  The hands-on workshop component will be from 1-4 pm.  Bring one or more quilts that can use a cascade design.  You will create the "blueprint" of your quilt and adapt a pattern to fit it perfectly!

The cost for these classes are $50 for the presentation and $50 for the workshop session.  You can register for the class by email at or by phone at 651-214-4545.

Featured Tip for Quilt Piecers                                            Top
We all have sharps that we have to deal with in the quilt/sewing studio.  Old or broken needles and bent pins can be a real hazard if you throw them in the trash.  A great trick that Page started years ago still works well today.  Using an old prescription pill bottle and an awl or the tip of an old pair of scissors punch a hole in the center of the top. 

Put the top back on the pill bottle with the "child proof" mechanism in use.  When the pill bottle gets full just swap out the top with a new pill bottle and put the used container in the trash.  You, and all visitors to the quilt room (including the four footed variety), are protected from loose pins and needles and they don't surprise you by popping out of the trash bags.
Rotary blades are another issue.  Keep in mind that the rotary blade is a circular razor blade capable of doing considerable damage.  When you take a used blade out of the rotary cutter marked it as used with a permanent marker and put it at the bottom of the blade case.  Once you have changed the blade a number of times you will have used all of the new blades in the plastic case and will be able to collect quite a number of old blades in the case before you throw it in the trash. 

Take the extra step to protect yourself and others by disposing of your sharps carefully.

Hours of Operation for:  Dates                                          Top
  • Monday - Friday January 8 - 12  8:00 am - 7:00 pm
    • Closed Wednesday January 12th in the morning for the Glad Creations Quilt Show
    • Open 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday Jan 13: 
    • Closed in the morning for the Upper Midwest Machine Quilters meeting  
    • Open 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday Jan 14:  Noon - 5:00 pm
  • Monday - Friday January 15 - 19:  8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday Jan 20: Closed for an in-studio class
  • Sunday Jan 21: Closed for an in-studio class

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Time to look on the shelves and bring out those quilts you always meant to finish.  This quilt was brought in by a customer who did just that.  The pattern was in a magazine and she got started several years ago.  With a few edits to the pattern now that she had a little more experience and better developed skills she was able to bring all of the pieces together in this soft formal quilt.
 This looks like a very complicated design but in reality, when you break it down it consists of 3 designs.  To accentuate the in-and-out movement of the diamonds Page used the "Horn" pattern and it's component sections.  The formality of the quilt top called for a feather in the corners and the outer border.  Small piano keys create the background fill behind the feathers and in the inner border.
The triangular space in the corners did not exactly align with the diagonal line from the center.  To fill the space and balance the area, Page adjusted the corner feather to a rectangular shape which helped create a visual symmetry.
Click on the video to watch some useful tips on where and when this design works. This quilting motif is available as a download for immediate use on Statler machines.for the reduced cost of $5.00 for as long as this video is posted on the What's New page.  After that the pattern will be available through the Online Products page link to Digital Patterns.
Video on the Horns used on the Diamond Quilt
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We heard your request for the video on making fabric bowls.  We went into the archives and pulled out the Holiday 2013 video and a zipped file of 15+ patterns.  We hope that you enjoy this.

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