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Page is one of 14 Gammill International Quilting With Confidence Tour Instructors.  Gammill is scheduling 2-day Quilting with Confidence sessions in 50 different cities across the United States and Canada plus a couple in Australia and England.  This is a great opportunity for you to access Gammill specific training at a city close to you.  Classes will be available for both free-hand quilting and Statler Stitcher quilting.  You can read more about it at the Gammill site for the Confidence Tour (  

Page will be teaching at the following sessions:
     *  May 10th & 11th in Albuquerque, New Mexico
     *  May 14th & 15th in Denver, Colorado
     *  July 30th & 31st in Fort Myers, Florida
     *  August 2nd & 3rd in Jacksonville, Florida
     *  October 3rd-6th in Romsey, England
     *  November 13th & 14th in Lincoln, Nebraska
     *  November 16th & 17th in Salina, Kansas
     *  November 20th & 21st in Springfield, Illinois

We are excited about this opportunity to participate in this educational program with nationally recognized teachers from across the country.  We look forward to seeing you in one of the session in your area.

Come visit us to talk about the options available for a grand adventure in quilting.  We can help you with the purchasing process, replacement parts, education and training.

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Featured Customer Quilts

What a treat this is.  12 different Hawaiian style very nicely done applique patterns.  Lots of open spaces for Page to work in.

This is an example of a hand guided custom quilt.  The quilting is designed to complement each element of the quilt without competing for attention. 

Featured Longarm Rental Quilt



We are always excited when we get a brand new quilter.  This is her first ever quilt from a Beginning Quilting Class.

  I think she was even more excited when she completed the Beginners Longarm class and had a finished quilt ready for binding.  She even ventured into the wool batting so she has really enjoyed it the last couple of weeks.


We do have classes for Statler, Free Hand and Elevate longarmers.  When you are looking for new quilting ideas we have a variety of options and skill builders for you.

Longarm Rental - either Statler based or Elevate/Freehand

Keep us in mind when you plan to complete your quilt.  We offer a longarm class to get you started.and on the road to successfully completing your quilt from start to finish.  Rental time is available on our computerized Statler longarm machine and you will know that there will always be someone here to work with you if you have a question or problem.

Call 651-214-4545 to schedule time to complete your quilt.
We Heard You ... OR ... Did You Know?                             Top
Over the last month we have conducted three different Intensive Hands-On classes in the studio.  Each class consisted of 4 participants from around the country (Missouri to Arizona to Oregon).  For 3 days they were in the studio working on projects from 8 am until 5 pm... or as late as they could handle.  Although Page had an outline of what she wanted to cover, each class was tailored to the needs and skill level of the participants.    They started with drawing the "blueprint" of a quilt block and selecting quilting designs that fit or maybe didn't. This is an exercise in how the quilting design fits the quilt pattern.  Time is spent on their quilts to set borders, stitch in the ditch, concatenating designs, using Page Turners or like the Drunkard's Path shown above using a Custom Overall design on a complicated pattern.  In three days the participants cover a lot of concepts, tools, and designs.

Watch the list of In-Studio Classes for the next available series of Intensive Hands-On events.  If you would like to be on a mailing list for when we offer these sessions again (Starting in January 2019) please send us an email so we can keep you up to date at: 
Upcoming In Studio Classes

Our In-Studio classes are set up to run from 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch.  Typically the morning is spent in a presentation style and the afternoon is spent in a hands on practice quilt.  We often use Quilts of Valor for our demo quilts, or you can bring a small quilt for practice purposes.

We are located just off 35E and Cliff Road in Eagan about 10 miles south of the airport and the Mall of America.  We have 4 Gammill machines all running on Statler for workshops and demos and a Gammill Elevate that can be use for task specific classes.  There are multiple restaurants and hotels within walking distance.  In addition, we have both a full service quilt shop across the road plus a boutique shop that features quilts and kits next door.


We are planning more In-Studio classes starting this summer.  Many classes have been on hold pending the final schedule for the Gammill Quilting With Confidence Tour.

May will be a planning month for us so keep an eye on the website for the actual dates.  We plan to schedule the following hands-on classes:

1.  Borders and Corners
2.  Repeat Pattern - Beyond Edge to Edge
3.  3-Day Intensive Advanced Quilting
4.  3-Day Immersion for New Owners and quilters

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Access to earlier Tips & Tricks - Click Here
Backing Fabric

The guidelines for the backing fabric for longarm quilting are: 

  • The backing needs to be at least 3 inches larger all the way around the quilt (or 6 inches longer and wider than the quilt top)
  • We prefer to load the back using the selvage edges along the rollers
    • Do not cut off the selvages along the outer edge of the backing - they help keep the back square during the loading process
    • Unless the quilting motif is a directional design where the top has to be at the top of the machine AND the quilt top or back have to match the top, we load the backing using the selvages which may or may not match the top of a printed fabric design
  • We prefer any backing seams to run parallel (the same direction) to the selvages
    • Sew the seams at 1/2 + inch and then trim off the tightly woven selvages leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance
  • Do NOT press the backing seams open - press to one side
    • When pressed open (like what you would do for Hand Quilting) there is only the tread holding one side of the backing to the other side
    • If you press the seam and seam allowance to one side, then the longarm quilting will stitch through all layers of the fabric and hold the two sides of the backing together with greater security
  • Often pieced backs have multiple seams going in a variety of directions
    • In this case just try to have the majority of seams, or any particularly long seams, run parallel to the selvages

Another option is to purchase the wide backing fabric that is 108" wide.  Right now we have 220 different wide backs in stock for you to select from.  We do sell the wide backing fabric by the inch to meet your needs.  Keep in mind that 1 yard of 108 wide fabric is about 2 1/2 yards of the traditional bolt fabric (at roughly $16-17.50 per yard it is a great deal).  Often customers will buy their backing fabric before completing their quilt so they can incorporate some of the fabric in the top either in the blocks or as the border.

Featured Quilt Motif & Mini Video                                             Top
  Drunkard's Path is a very old and traditional design that has a lot of applications in modern quilts. The combination of the two shapes is simple but the different rotations and placements gives you a multitude of different design options.  Often the quilt was done in just two fabrics further lending to the simplicity of design.  Today we frequently see this traditional design done in multiple sizes within a single quilt, a wide variety of fabrics used, and/or the sophistication of batiks enhancing the designs.

Drunkard's Starburst is a fun quilting motif that fits the pie section with overlapping curved lines.  The outer "setting" square has a starburst design of straight lines.  If your Drunkard's Path is a layout with each block being in the same orientation, then you can use a simple repeat pattern or point to point clicking path.  If the quilt uses a variety of rotations for each block, you may want to play with a concatenating design or placement of each block and then rotating or flipping of the pattern to fit the block.

This is a great pattern to tinker with and fine tune your skills with concatenating designs.

Watch for a video to be added in the next day or two.
Click on the videos to watch some useful tips on where and when this design works. The full educational video Page Turner is available on the Videos webpage.
Video on Portland Page Turner
Featured Video

Page has created a mini video on how use the Drunkard's Starburst pattern
Video on How to Use the Drunkard's Starburst Pattern
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