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You asked about a Storm at Sea quilting motif.  This is what we used on a customer quilt last year.  We have the whole set as a zipped file with individual qli designs so you can customize the design to your customer.
Houston was a blast!!!!
Our group quilt, Four Flew Round the Cuckoo's Nest, won a first place ribbon in the Group Category!

  Houston Quilt Festival is "The world's largest annual quilt show, sale, and quiltmaking academy".  This year they had over 50,000 visitors from 35 different countries.   There were 24 aisles of vendors, a total of 475 opportunities to shop and buy products you may not see anywhere again.  From longarm machines to antique quilts and kits of all kinds and sizes. You need a whole day just to walk the vendor show.           Houston Quilt Festival had over 300 quilts that were juried into the show and awarded ribbons to Honorable Mention, Third Place, Second Place and First Place in 20+ categories.  In addition there are 20+ Special Exhibit quilts including the Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge and a Rememberance of Sue Garman's works with 75 of her 300+ quilts.

We were thrilled to win a First Place Ribbon in the Group Category with Four Flew Round the Cuckoo's Nest.  Just to be juried into the show and to have your quilt hung in the Houston Quilt Festival is a thrill.  Winning a ribbon of any color is a special event but a Blue Ribbon for first place is a very unique memory.
Featured Quilt Images

This is a fun panel that was brought in for quilting last week.  The customer wanted a simple overall quilting design that played up the Halloween theme of the image.  Charlotte's Web by Anne Bright was a perfect fit.

The quilting worked out to place a spider wed directly in front of the witch's broom and cat.  This has been a very popular seasonal quilt and demonstrates a simple use of a panel.

Featured Longarm Rental Quilt



Simple construction makes for a calm and pleasing design.  Shades of blue play across a grey background to create movement.

    Interlocking circles soften the many straight lines of the pieced top.  Scaling the motif to fit the piecing blocks adds balance.
Keep us in mind when you plan to complete your quilt.  We offer a longarm class to get you started.and on the road to successfully completing your quilt from start to finish.  Rental time is available on our computerized Statler longarm machine and you will know that there will always be someone here to work with you if you have a question or problem.

Call Mary at 651-272-6351 to schedule time now if you want to get that quilt completed before Christmas.
We Heard You ... OR ... Did You Know?
Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening?  Time to get ready for Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life, and White Christmas.  Time to turn Halloween Chocolate Kisses into Thumb Print Holiday Cookies.  

Have you made your list?  Are you frantically sewing on the Holiday Gifts?  Time for work is over-rated when you have quilts to finish and get to the quilter. 

November 30th is our last day to accept an overall quilt top for return by December 21st.  That gives you a full week after Thanksgiving to get those seams finished and pressed.  We will accept quilts after November 30th but there will be an extra $30 rush fee applied for quilts brought in between December 1st and the 15th, and an extra $60 rush fee, if we can accommodate your quilt, after December 15th.
Featured Tip for Quilters
Cutting Binding for your quilt.

One of the services that we provide for customers (for a fee) is the application of binding to their quilts.  We often machine apply the binding to the front and back of the quilt but will hand stitch the back closure, for an additional fee, if requested. Typically we use a straight of grain binding unless we are applying binding to a scalloped or curved border. 
So, how much binding should you cut for your quilt when making your own binding?  A quick calculation is:
  1. Cut your fabric as the 40 inch width of fabric (wof) - do NOT include the salvage areas
  2. We cut our binding 2 1/2 inches wide
  3. Measure the quilt top parameter
    1.  Twice the width for the top and bottom
    2.  PLUS twice the length for the sides
  4. Add 20 inches for the overlap area (do not scrimp on this)
  5. Divide the total by 40 and that is the number of strips you need (be sure to round up for the number of strips)
Hopefully this will help you prepare your binding in advance so it is ready when the quilt is done.
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Featured Quilt Motif & Mini Video
These quilt motifs were designed for a customer's quilts which were a Judy Niemeyer Bali Wedding Star.  We used a Page Turner design to complement the curves of the Wedding Star design and the long sharp star points.  You can see the difference in the designs when you look at the background area between the star points and the rings.
                      Spider Wedding Star Design
                  Mary's Wedding Star Design
Click on the video to watch some useful tips on where and when this design works. This quilting motif is available as a download for immediate use on Statler machines.for the reduced cost of $5.00 for as long as this video is posted on the What's New page.  After that the pattern will be available through the Online Products page link to Digital Patterns.

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