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Hours of Service - Closed Nov 24th - 27th for Thanksgiving
  • Monday - Friday                                       10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Saturday                                                  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday                                                                      CLOSED  

Get Your Christmas Gift Quilts in by
November 30th

to be sure to get them back by
December 20th

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Gammill Statler Computerized Classes $200 per person per day

This is an “Intense Total Immersion Hands-On” experience.  Prepare to be challenged and surprised about how much you can learn in such a short time.

Page has a wonderful storefront studio which includes 5 Statlers. This class is for quilters with experience on a Statler machine who want to explore techniques beyond what they are doing now. A laptop with CreativeStudio loaded is recommended.

You have your own machine and work on your quilts. You will focus on a specific technique you want to learn. You may start a project and will take the quilt home and finish it on your own machine. Then load another quilt and learn another technique; or you may want to work on a custom design which may require more than one day to complete. What you want to cover is the class content. Sign up for as many days as you like.

Some concept ideas are.

  •          Design development
  •          Computer design editing
  •          Custom and free motion work
  •          Specialty custom stitching on applique and wool applique pieces

Or anything else you can think of.

The Quilting Page studio has every color of Glide and So Fine thread. Thread used here is included in your class. You may bring your own backing and batting or purchase from us. We have over 250 bolts of wide backings, 10 types of batting on the roll and of course all the colors of Glide and So Fine thread for purchase.

Pet Owners - We need your help! 
Lately we have been receiving a number of quilts that are heavily soiled with pet hair/fur.  This is creating a problem for staff with allergies.  As most of you know Page is particularly sensitive to her cat allergy and we are noticing other staff are having more problems.  Please take the time to clean your quilt top of pet fur (vacuum, air dryer time or use a lint roller).  

If you will take the time to clean your quilt tops prior to bringing them in, we can continue to offer quilting services to everyone.  We appreciate your assistance.




Welcome to
The Quilting Page

Page Johnson is a professional long-arm quilter from Minnesota. She’s been quilting most of her life and began her professional career in 2001, gaining valuable experience in free-motion quilting. She works full-time as a quilter for customers throughout the Twin Cities area and beyond. In 2006 she expanded her creativity and knowledge by mastering the Gammill computerized system, the Statler Stitcher. Page is a Certified Statler Stitcher Creative Studio Trainer. She continues, as she has for many years, to create award winning quilts in national quilt shows. Her quilts have been found in publications and on calendars showcasing quilting. She is an internationally known teacher for both free-motion and computerized quilting. She teaches a variety of classes at major quilt shows, Quilting guilds and in private studios throughout the country. 

The Quilting Page

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